faq on goodwood
Is Goodwood made up of wood?

Goodwood panels are made of solid, cellular synthetic derived from natural gas. Another description goodwood is Integral Free Foam Homogeneous Sheets called Synthetic Resin sheets. Each Goodwood panels can be sawed, sanded and painted like wood. It is have all the advantages of wood but none of the disadvantages. Goodwood will not warp, crack or chip.

What manufacturing process is used to make Goodwood panels?

Goodwood is a made from a process of extruding vinyl. There are two types of foam material. One is called free foam and the other process is Celuka. Celuka process provides a harder surface than free foam which is followed in making Goodwood panels. The harder surface makes the shutter more durable and ding resistant. It also makes the shutter stronger.

In which industry are the Goodwood panels mostly used in?

Goodwood panels are ideal for trade fairs & exhibitions, interior & exterior Signs, shop fittings & interior designs, false ceilings, wall, partition & claddings for construction applications, replacement for standard industrial materials and printing applications like picture mounting.

What are the key features of Goodwood?

Goodwood panels are highly dense, hard, smooth, glossy finish on both sides. These panels have high impact and structural strength, excellent resistance to heat & chemicals.

Can fabricators use these panels like wood?

Goodwood panels can be easilty machined, cut, sawed, drilled, nailed, screwed, punched, printed, painted, glued and poslished (not necessary as each panel comes pre-polished). Thermo forming is also possible up to a certain degrees with special process. Fabricators can easily work on Goodwood panels as less effort is needed than natural wood at the sametime giving more elegance and durability.

In which colours Goodwood panels are available?

Usually goodwood panels comes in white, black, yellow, blue, green and red. We can also manufacture according to your requirement.

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