advantages of goodwood panels over traditional wooden panels

Processed through hi-tech European technology involving extrusion and calibration process, goodwood panels Integral free Foam Homogeneous Sheets are also called Synthetic Resine sheets. Going through the extrusion and calibration process, the top and bottom layers of the product gets more density with superior finish and the sheet becomes rigid, glossy, smooth and strong. This gives Goodwood a versatile and multipurpose property, which has a tremendous acceptance in building industry prevalent in advanced countries.

Solid, Smooth surface with glossy finish
100% recyclable
UV and weather resistant
Strong and Durable, No deformation over period of 15 years
Non corrosive
Light weight, easy and convenient to storage, transportation and use
Self extinguishing, fire retardant
Can be drilled, sawed, nailed, turned, glued, bended, printed, oiled, etc
Rot proof
Low thermal conductivity and good for Heat insulation
Sound insulation & absorption
No toxic or harmful chemicals
Virtually maintenance free
goodwood panels

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